UPDATE: A rash of graffiti tagging on buildings in the East Dalton area has caused the Dalton Police Department to investigate the crimes. 

The tags have been on old storefronts and building walls in the area of Fifth Avenue and Long Street.

Investigators believe the tags are intended to be artistic in nature and do not believe they are gang-related. The tags all appear to be similar to each other and feature bubble-type lettering.

Dalton Police Department Detective Chris Tucker tells Channel 3 "This breeds more tagging. If another graffiti artist sees this on the wall, he thinks well he's made his mark, "I've got to make my mark" and then it just continues to multiply."

Investigators are asking for information from the public regarding what the tags might mean and who is responsible for the vandalism. You can contact Detective Tucker at 706-278-9085, dial 9, and enter extension 165.