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Tips for relieving holiday allergies

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This time of year means festive decorations and special meals with family and friends; but, the Grinch can create misery for allergy sufferers during the holidays.

Susan Raschal, Covenant Allergy says, "It's because there are a variety of foods out there and lots of foods contain tree nuts, especially during the holidays. Pecan pies; all kinds of things."

Dr. Susan Raschal says there is an uptick of reactions during any type of holiday, even for those who think they're eating the same thing they have every year.

Dr. Raschal says, "Frequently, there can be a hidden ingredient in a food that someone is accustomed to eating. Aunt Martha may make the same thing every year, but this time, she's added something a little different."

Food always poses the biggest risk, with peanuts and tree nuts topping the list. But, there are some other holiday triggers to look out for, including Christmas trees and decorations. Also, stress can lead to asthma attacks.

Dr. Raschal says, "People can have an anaphylactic or life-threatening reaction."

That's why it's important to always have your EpiPen handy and know the warning signs like itching in the palms, inside the mouth, and nausea.

Dr. Raschal says, "Emergency readiness; make sure you have your EpiPen available, wear a medical alert bracelet, make sure family members and others know about it and know how to use it."

By being prepared and making sure you use caution, your holidays will be full of festive memories and not a trip to the E-R.

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