The Woodmore community has seen an outpouring of support since last month's tragic bus crash, and now one of the families is helping pay it forward in other parts of East Chattanooga.

Hundreds of meals were handed out tonight at East Chattanooga's 2nd Annual Feed the Community event, held in honor of Zoie Nash. It was organized by family members of the 9-year-old who died in the crash.

There were full plates and plenty of smiles at the East Chattanooga Youth and Family Development Center on Tuesday night.

"Not only is it in memory of Bus 366, the victims, the ones that passed away, and the ones that were hurt, but my niece was on that bus," said organizer Antwon McClain, Zoie Nash's uncle.

McClain is trying to turn the tragedy into something positive.

"I know she'd be proud to see this. Goofy little girl, very energetic," he said.

Kids and families were able to get a hot meal and a free haircut from Top Notch Barber Shop.

Volunteers said it's all about giving back.

"I was born and raised in this area, and somebody looked out for me when I was young," said McClain. "I'm just doing The Lord's work, what was put in my heart."

"We need it so much, because you look at all the violence and stuff that goes on in these communities, and something positive like this is just to show you that there's a lot of good people in this community that we shouldn't give up on," said resident Anthony Byrd.

"It tells people that people care about each other, and that they care about the neighborhood we live in," said Kadesha Cook, 4th grade volunteer.

"I just want everybody to be a part of this," said McClain. "Be a blessing to somebody else."

It's an extra Christmas blessing. One McClain hopes others will pay forward during the holidays.

"Celebrate like it's your last," he said. "We never know. But keep that smile on your face. I know my baby niece is smiling right now."

You can still help the families of those who lost a child in the crash, including Zoie's, through The Woodmore Fund. Donations will be accepted through December 31st.

To donate, click here.