Who killed Steven Bell? For this case, we go back to July of 2014. Chattanooga Police Sergeant Victor Miller explains, Bell was getting ready to celebrate. "On July the 4th, he had planned for multiple family and friends to come to his residence," he said. "They were going to have a party outside. They were getting the grass and the yard and everything looking nice and neat for him and they were going to enjoy the day, the Independence Day."

His house was over on Lynchburg Avenue. "Several of those family members and friends went over to his residence between the 2nd and the 4th, trying to find him," Sgt. Miller continued, "but they were not able to make contact."

When they found his front door unlocked, his television on, and his motorized wheelchair out front, they feared the worst and filed a missing persons report. Then, on Saturday evening July the 5th, someone walking along Workman Road spotted an object by the creek overpass. It was Steven Bell's body. Someone had this military veteran to death, then dumped him. "When you have a 65-year-old man that is disabled and trying to live a life and not bother anybody then he has this done him, he deserves the answer," said Sgt. Miller.

Investigators believe they know a few things about Bell's last hours. "At least one person, probably multiple people, kicked in his back door, went inside the residence, robbed him there and then removed from his home," Miller said. "They took him to an ATM where they robbed him of the money that was in his bank account."

With what they did to Steven Bell, the bad guys have already proven they are capable of murder. If you know anything about this crime, the life you save with your call could be your own and the answers your tip leads to could provide Bell's loved ones some peace. "His family and his friends deserve an answer and they would like to have the community support of calling the Crime Stoppers hotline and providing us with some information we can use to rekindle this investigation," Sgt. Miller added.

If you know something about this murder, but you have been holding back, scared of the consequences of speaking up, in Crime Stoppers, we guarantee no one will know your name. We will never ask, not even if you earn the reward of up to $1,000.

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