Time can work on a person's conscience, whether they are the person who committed the crime or they simply know something about it. As we once again near the solemn anniversary of the murder of Mike Mullens, we hope this is the year new information brings closure. 

"This case happened December 19 of 2008," said Walker County Sheriff Steve Wilson. "A cold, chilly Friday morning, best I remember." Mike Mullens had pulled into the parking lot of Premier Pattern and Machine on Woodburn Road in Flintstone, just across the state line into Georgia. "Some of the workers heard noise outside," he continued, but, you know, working in machine and metalwork business, it wasn't uncommon to maybe hear a noise. But they did, reflecting back, think they heard something."

The noise was probably the sound of Mullens being shot and killed. He was found still behind the wheel of his pick-up truck, his foot depressing the brake pedal. Though a security light had also been shot out in the pre-dawn darkness, there were no prints, no shell casings, and no motive. "There was intent to kill, in my mind, and intent to murder. When they arrived that morning and when they waited on him, they laid in wait for him to drive, to pull in, and he cracked open his door or either they opened it," said the sheriff, "that was when the murder happened. It's obvious to us as investigators, he was caught completely off (guard), by surprise."

Mullens was a civic leader, a co-owner of the business, and very involved with his son's athletic teams. What could have lead to to this? His parents have since passed on, but his wife and son deserve answers. "Hoping that someone out there knows about it, has it on their conscience, and would like to get it off, and call us and tell us what they know about this case," Sheriff Wilson pleaded. "I always say the community is the eyes and ears of law-enforcement and it's true in this case here that we feel someone saw something or heard something or has heard something, maybe secondhand."

Help the Walker County authorities clear this case and maybe clear any trace of guilt from your mind in the process. Here at the holidays, let your gift to this family be the answers they have been seeking before more precious time slips by.  

Call Crime Stoppers: 423-698-3333

We will never ask your name, even if you receive the reward cash of up to $1,000.