CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - A while back, I had the pleasure of fishing a day on Lake Chickamauga with one of the most talented young professional women anglers in the world Amanda Godfrey. Amanda has casting and pitching skills equal to FLW pro Jacob Wheeler and Andy Morgan. This 23 year old female angler from North Carolina has already proven her tournament fishing skills, finishing 2nd in the professional trail of Lady Bass World Classic in 2016.

Amanda came armed with several different frogs and was `ready to try her hand at some late October Chickamauga frog fishing. Amanda’s first stop was a series on points and pockets with a good bit of hydrilla floating. Several fish made a half hearted attempt at her frog but no serious takers. Amanda makes a short run to some larger mats and listens for blue gill activity in this one. Amanda whispers to herself “this may be a good mat they got to be here”. Three cast later, a nice keeper blasted her frog, “fish on” she says and swings this one in the boat. Amanda is releasing her fish and sees another kill in the grass mat” put the power poles down I am going to sit on this one for a while. She fires a perfect cast to the bass blow up she saw in the grass mat, and fish number 2 comes to the boat. She spends a lot of time on this mat with no other takers and moves on looking for more grass.

Around 11:30 a.m. she pulls into a small creek lined with hydrilla beds about 20 ft wide as she lowers the trolling motor, bass bust shad and run most of them right up into the largest grass bed in the area. Amanda boats 3 in a row all just good keepers. Amanda stays in this area the rest of the day looking for one of those Chickamauga giants. Amanda’s best five for the day around 17lbs. although she does not find that giant Chickamauga bass her attitude remained positive until the last cast of the day.

Amanda is one of the most promising young anglers I have ever seen with her fishing skills, enthusiasm, positive attitude and strong communication skills she is almost destined to become one of the most well known lady angler in the sport of bass fishing. Let’s keep an eye this young pro angler as she plans to fish the FLW Costa Series Co- Angler on Lake Chickamauga in May of 2017.

Come meet Amanda Godfrey December 17th at the Holiday Fishing Extravaganza in Ringgold Ga. at the Colonnade building.