More shops and fast food restaurants could be coming to a heavily traveled part of Hixson Pike. Right now, the property near Cassandra Smith Road is a mostly wooded area with a few homes nearby.

Stacy Alexander doesn't have to walk far to see nature's beauty.

"Two or three times a week, we can see deer going across our backyard, across the golf course," Stacy Alexander, a neighbor said.

A developer has other plans. It includes a building of shops and two fast food restaurants.

Alexander has concerns.

"One of my biggest fears is the safety of my children is because they like to come in our backyard and play," Alexander said.

That's why she's fighting the proposal Chattanooga city council members are considering. She worries her property value will go down and her family's privacy will be invaded.

However, the developer for the site sees something else.

"Opportunity for the future. Opportunity. It's a very good location and it's the best location in the area," Steve Bovell of Multisite properties said.

Bovell has made some changes to the plan since he first brought it to the city. One of the more controversial ideas was a convenience store that neighbors feared would be open 24 hours. 

"This is always a balancing process. We were glad we had the ability to be somewhat flexible here," Bovell said.

Bovell believes city council members will give the project the green light with these adjustments.

While Alexander accepted the shopping plazas that were already there when she moved in, she's not willing to back down on keeping her neighborhood peaceful.

"If you look down through, you see we're not that far away and if they put two restaurants right here, they're going to be right here in our backyard. We're going to have people coming in and out of our backyard literally from here on out," Alexander said.

City council members will consider the final reading of the idea next Tuesday. If it's approved, construction could start as early as next spring.