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Residents frustrated with violence in Cleveland apartment complex

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Concerned neighbors are speaking out after a deadly shooting and home invasion in a Cleveland apartment complex. 

It happened inside Springbrook Apartments, the same place two women were stabbed to death earlier this year.

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Police said this most recent incident was targeted and likely could not have been prevented. But residents say they're fed up with any kind of violence in their neighborhood.  

"Now, here we are, with another person dead, and another person critically injured, at the same place where a murder already happened this year," said Joshua Haddock. "And who's doing anything about it? That's what I want to know."

People at Springbrook Apartments are reacting to a violent home invasion that happened inside one of the units.

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Police said three armed intruders broke into an apartment early Monday morning. One of them was shot dead, another was injured, and the third suspect is still at large.

"It's kind of a family-oriented place, but after hearing that, I don't think so," said Jaden Martin.

Cleveland Police classify the complex as a "mid-to-high call volume" area.

"You have crackheads walk around here at all hours of the night. You've got drug dealers coming in and out of here, and it's quite obvious," said resident Johnathan Wagner.

Wagner said he wants to see more patrol cars in the neighborhood, and more often.

"I want them here so that my kids are safe at night," he said. "Because 12 o'clock at night, there was a shooting over there when I was passed out. I mean, it could've been my next door neighbor that got shot. (What if) the bullet flies through the window or through the wall and hits one of my kids?"

Not everyone believes extra police presence would help.

"There's no need for them to be patrolling any more than they do. They do make patrols throughout the night," said one man, who did not want to appear on camera.

He thinks the city should instead hire more officers to help deter crime in Springbrook.

"Give them some help out here. These guys are stretched thin, and they're doing the best they can," he said. "They need all the help they can get."

Police said the investigation is ongoing and criminal charges are pending. Anyone with information should call Cleveland Police at 423-790-7994. Confidential tips can submitted to the Cleveland TN Police Department Facebook messenger inbox.

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