Tuesday, Chief Fred Fletcher announced several promotions within the Chattanooga Police Department. 

A total of 37 officers have been promoted which includes six new captains, eight new lieutenants and 23 new sergeants.

"These promotions represent the first from a new promotional process since I became Chief at CPD. I have every bit of confidence in these talented officers to continue to lead and mentor their fellow officers as well as serving and protecting our community," Fletcher said. "These fine officers are committed to making their community a better place for all and continuing to develop relationships with our neighbors."

The following officers were promoted to captain:

  • Captain Pedro Bacon - Investigations
  • Captain Roger Gibbens - Neighborhood Policing, Charlie Sector
  • Captain Jerome Halbert - Traffic & Special Operations
  • Captain Jason Irvin - Support & Training
  • Captain Glenn Scruggs - Neighborhood Policing, Baker Sector
  • ?Captain Jerri Sutton - Neighborhood Policing, Adam Sector

The following officers were promoted to lieutenant:

  • Lt. Austin Garrett - Special Operations & Support
  • Lt. Toby Hewitt - Professional Standards
  • Lt. Robert? Lewis - Investigations
  • Lt. Anthony Easter - Investigations
  • Lt. Heather Williams - Neighborhood Policing
  • Lt. Daniel Jones - Neighborhood Policing
  • Lt. Shawn Hickey - Neighborhood Policing
  • Lt. JayEvan Montgomery - Neighborhood Policing

The following officers were promoted to sergeant:

  • Bobby Adams 
  • Jamie Barrow 
  • Mark Bender 
  • Jonathan Brock 
  • Jeremy Eames 
  • Sheila Jetton 
  • Christopher Lawson 
  • Kendon Massengale 
  • Alexis Mercado 
  • Victor Miller 
  • Kyle Moses 
  • Joseph Montijo 
  • Michael Newton 
  • Sean O'Brien 
  • Christopher Palmer 
  • John Patterson 
  • Andrew Peker 
  • Michael Taylor 
  • John Tolson 
  • Jonathan Watkins 
  • Steve Wiertel 
  • Dennis Willoughby 
  • Grover Wilson

CPD said this promotional process is also a first under the Recruiting, Engagement, Selection, Transfer, Assignment and Retention Team (RESTART). This initiative is a community-based working group established, in part, to assist with the promotional process by establishing and implementing fair and equitable processes for internal transfers and promotions.