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Some Chattanooga families lost homes in Gatlinburg wildfires

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Some of the cabins destroyed in the deadly Gatlinburg wildfires were owned by Chattanooga families as vacation homes and rentals.
One local family questions what's next for Gatlinburg after seeing what's left of their home.

"It's been family cabin for five years, it was like 4,200 square feet and it was really nice, it was one of the best."

Harshad Shah and his family owned a beautiful Gatlinburg cabin. It's where he would go with his children and grandchildren to relax and vacation.

"The cabin. All four levels were gone," Shah said.

On Saturday, Shah and his wife went to see what was left of it.

"Nothing left. You wonder what happened to seven beds, what happened to dressers, this, that, nothing," Shah said,
"You keep on saying, "oh my god I can't believe this." Until you see it you don't realize how bad it is. Everything's burnt."

The Shah's cabin on Wiley Oakley Road was destroyed, along with most of the other cabins in that area.
One of Shah's first priorities was to send truckloads of plastic bags from his company at Hamilton Plastics to help others who lost everything.

"The primary residences, the homes, businesses that are affected, they're not getting revenues you know I feel for them," Shah said.

The Shahs will cherish the memories, and wonder if they'll ever another place in Gatlinburg to call home.

"It's going to be something that we'll miss it, and don't know if we can have it again, I'm not even sure if they'll allow the log cabins rebuilt again and whatnot," he said.

For the families who lost their primary home in the wildfires, Tennessee icon Dolly Parton is hosting a telethon Tuesday night to help them.
She's pledged to give $1,000 a month for six months, to anyone who lost their primary home in the fire.

Proceeds from the telethon will go to the Dollywood Foundation My People Fund.

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