This week’s Restaurant Report Card brings some surprising news and one of the lowest scores we’ve ever seen.

We start with Hamilton County, where a popular pizza place has some cleaning up and training to do.

The Little Caesar’s at 3728 Ringgold Road in East Ridge scored a 66, three points below a failing grade of 69. The inspector found employees eating food in the prep areas, unprotected food in the walk-in cooler, employee drinks stored along with food in the coolers, several dirty nonfood contact surfaces, and clean dishes stored with dirty ones.

But in north Georgia, Cochran’s Auto Truckstop in Ringgold earned a 38, which is more than 30 points below a failing grade. 

Among the many violations, inspectors found employees handling food without washing their hands first, as well as handling raw foods then switching to ready-to-eat foods without washing their hands.

Employee drinks were left in the service area, kitchen and next to food in the walk-in cooler, raw meat was stored too close to or above ready-to-eat food, utensils in cold holding units weren’t washed, rinsed and sanitized every 24 hours and old labels and food debris were found on food containers after being washed and sanitized.

Hot and cold foods were stored out of temperature, open foods were held for more than 24 hours without being date marked, foods were kept past the seven-day disposal date, and sausage was being improperly thawed by sitting on a counter at food temperature.

Several employees didn’t have hair restraints, several wet sanitizing cloths were left out of the sanitizing solution bucket, containers of food were stored on the walk-in cooler and freezer floors, the sinks were the proper size for washing and sanitizing dishes, the floors, walls, and ceilings were visibly dirty and employee personal items such as cell phones and wallets were kept on a food contact surface in the food prep area.

The news isn’t all bad this week.

Several restaurants posted perfect scores of 100. Congratulations to:

  • Chicken-W-Bones, 6227 Lee Highway, Chattanooga
  • Krystal, 6199 Lee Highway, Chattanooga
  • Central Park, 5119 Hixson Pike, Hixson
  • Christy’s, 3469 Brainerd Road, Chattanooga
  • E Z Frost, 271 Northgate, Chattanooga
  • Dinner on the Diner, 4119 Cromwell Road, Chattanooga
  • Buffalo Wild Wings, 37 Parkway Plaza Place, Fort Oglethorpe

The following are the remaining scores for Hamilton County:

  • China Gourmet, 321 Browns Ferry Road, Chattanooga: 79
  • Blue Ribbon Café, 9705 Dayton Pike, Soddy-Daisy: 86
  • IHOP, 5814 Brainerd Road, Chattanooga: 86
  • McDonald’s, 4829 Brainerd Road, Chattanooga: 91
  • Hardee’s, 220 Browns Ferry Road, Chattanooga: 92
  • The Pizza Place, 1210 Taft Highway, Signal Mountain: 93
  • Mr. T’s Pizza, 3924 Tennessee Avenue, Chattanooga: 93
  • Wimpie’s, 9826 Dayton Pike, Soddy-Daisy
  • Apron Strings Catering, 3018 Cummings Highway, Chattanooga: 94
  • The Purple Daisy Picnic Café, 4001 St. Elmo Avenue, Chattanooga: 94
  • Aretha Frankensteins, 518 Tremont Street, Chattanooga: 95
  • The Bar, 4904 Rossville Boulevard, Chattanooga: 95
  • Homefolks Restaurant, 8981 Dayton Pike, Soddy-Daisy: 96
  • Old Chicago Pizza, 250 Northgate Mall, Chattanooga: 96
  • Hummingbird Pastaria, 720 Mississippi Avenue, Signal Mountain: 97
  • The Big Table, 118 Cross Street, Chattanooga: 97
  • DQ Grill & Chill, 5433 Highway 153, Hixson: 97
  • Krystal, 3150 S. Broad Street, Chattanooga: 98
  • Subway, 3416 Rossville Boulevard, Chattanooga: 98
  • Cook Out, 5390 Highway 153, Hixson: 98
  • Kimmee’s Cakes: 4403 Dayton Boulevard, Chattanooga: 98
  • Southern Star Take-Away, 1210 Taft Highway, Signal Mountain: 98
  • Krystal, 4850 Hixson Pike, Hixson: 98
  • Heavenly Flavored Wings, 1263 E. 3rd Street, Chattanooga: 98
  • Mojo Burrito, 3950 Tennessee Avenue, Chattanooga: 98
  • Marco’s Pizza, 5723 Hixson Pike, Hixson: 99
  • KFC – Long John Silvers, 5232 Highway 153, Hixson: 99
  • Café on the Corner, 826 Scenic Highway, Lookout Mountain: 99

If you’re in Hamilton County and you have a complaint about a pool, restaurant, health care facility, daycare or gym, call the Hamilton County Health Department Hot Line at 423-209-8110. In north Georgia, call your local health department.