I suppose every dad has a little bit of geek in them. I know my daughter thinks (pretty accurately) that her dad is a geek because I like to get my hands on just about anything that is connected or electronic.

For the dad who has everything these gifts may just be the thing they'll enjoy all year.

For the dad who loves to do the cooking, as long as it's outside on a grill, the iGrill 2 from Weber makes a nice gift. This device comes with probes you insert into whatever is cooking on the grill. Insert one into chicken, another into steak and another in a hamburger. Those all require different internal temperatures before they're safe to eat. The iGrill 2 monitors those temperatures and sends a notification to their smartphone when it is done.

It's simple once you download the iGrill, iDevices app which is free for all phones. The app instructs you on the safe temperature of the meat and you can set the timer for rare, medium, done or well done. Once the temperature comes near that mark the app sends a notification that it's about 10 degrees away. Dads (and moms) can leave the grill and go inside with confidence the meat won't overcook. It is very accurate in my tests.

Vinyl records have made a big comeback and if your dad has some old lps stashed away he'll love the new turntables from Audio-Technica. Rather than connecting the turntable to a stereo system with wires, the turntables will connect to bluetooth speakers or headphones. The sound is very good even though it has been digitized.

Speaking of sound, dad may need a bluetooth speaker or headphones to listen to music from their smartphone, a smart home device or one of those turntables. The Braven HD is a heavy duty wireless speaker that is big enough and loud enough to take to outside tailgate parties. It has incredible bass for a bluetooth speaker, is waterproof and provides hours of wireless listening. It will also charge a USB device such as a smartphone. Many times bluetooth speakers lack the depth of sound from smartphone players but the Braven HD has a great deep bass that is close to what you hear in home stereos.

Bluetooth headphones are a popular gift this year and I'm glad as more companies are releasing versions and prices are coming down. Cheap wireless bluetooth headphones sound cheap but for really great sound check out the Bose Soundlink headphones. These over-the-ear cans have a very crisp sound with realistic bass. They're noise-rejecting so any sound from a jet engine, noisy passenger or even a daughter's slumber party is drowned out by the headphones. You can also answer and make telephone calls with them.

Another choice of bluetooth headphones are earbuds from LG, the Tone Pro. This headset is different that traditional earbuds because they are attached to a headset that wraps around your neck. The headset itself is made of a sturdy plastic, is lightweight and the part that wraps around your neck is very light so you barely notice you're wearing them. When the phone rings the headset vibrates and you can pull out the actual earbuds that are kept in the headset by
magnets. The Tone Pro is also noise cancelling and comfortable. I purchased a pair on Black Friday and it truly was the best thing I did all day.

Dads can be hard to buy for since they pretty much purchase whatever it is they need. They may not have gotten these gadgets yet, but I can almost guarantee they'll love them.

I'm a daddy and I do.