The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating a series of car burglaries which occurred in East Brainerd.

Sheriff's Office spokesman Matt Lea says a man who is suspected of using a stolen credit card was captured on surveillance photos, which were taken from one of the burglarized vehicles. The credit card was fraudulently used at the Fort Oglethorpe Walmart.

Anyone having information about the vehicle burglaries or can identify the person in the photographs is asked to call the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office at 423-209-8940.

Safety Tip to Prevent Car Burglaries:

The HCSO would like to remind people to make sure they keep their cars locked at all times when not in use, especially at night. Do not allow your vehicle to be an easy target.

Also, please remove all valuables, including firearms, from your vehicle, when not in use. This includes jewelry, cell phones, laptops, CD’s, and GPS systems.