We wind up our Band of the Week segment on Friday Night Football, this year, with the exciting Signal Corps from Signal Mountain Middle/High.

This amazing group of student-musicians has been working hard since July on an original halftime show featuring original music written especially to feature the strengths of the band. This year's show was based on the Ernest Thayer poem: Casey at the Bat.  Fourth year Director Shelby Walker tells us it's been a pleasure to teach the band members the story about the team from Mudville and a grand reward as they came to figure out the message the show was meant to convey to the audience through the course of the school year.

It was a successful year in competitions. The Signal Corps won their division at the Bradley Classic and took Best in Class, Percussion, and Colorguard. Add to that the band's standing with their fellow classmates. Flute player Rachel Bible won Homecoming Queen on the night we visited their school. Congratulations!

The group of 86 had 30 seniors march their last show, but boasts 30 freshmen, this year. Walker says they are amazingly close and the camaraderie has grown throughout the season. Their excitement is not over, yet. The concert band is making plans to head to Chicago in April to play for the National Adjudicators Invitational. If you would like to help them fund their trip, look for their mattress sale in February, or check out their website: www.signalcorpsbands.com