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Over 100 volunteers serve 800 meals to Chattanooga community

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Often with our busy everyday lives, we don't have a chance to think about those who may be down on their luck. Sometimes we see someone and want to help, and that's exactly what 150 volunteers did today at the Community Kitchen. They served a warm thanksgiving meal to nearly 800 community members.

As each guest arrived to the Community Kitchen, they received a full plate with all the trimmings. Dressed in their blue t-shirts, the Moore Family made volunteering a new holiday tradition. “Makes me feel great. I love it. I am going to start doing it every year,” said Virginia Jones.

Volunteers from across the country came to the Scenic City to serve a warm meal this Thanksgiving.
Marcus Gao and the men from Saint John's Military Academy came from Kansas. “We are very excited and thrilled to be here. Serving the community, we have never done anything like this before,” said Gao.

They're the silent servers of the operation, working hard before the first plate was served. They helped prepare 36 turkeys and baked 300 pies. “Helping to cut pies and wrapped them up so they can enjoy it.”

The men are a part of the organization led to serve. Their aim is to provide life-changing service experiences for needy communities. “We serve a large amount of people that may need to be served, houses built, sports team that need help. It really helps to give a hand for people on the ground every day that they can have a break,” said Vanessa Puleo the founder of Led2Serve.

And for them, they didn't mind that they sacrificed their own holiday so Thanksgiving Day for others could feel just as special.  “Chattanooga is a new location for us. It is the first year we're in this community. The military school from Kansas wanted to roll up their sleeves and get involved.”

If you are interested in volunteering at the Community Kitchen this holiday season, call (423) 756-4222. 

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