Durham School Services, the company that hires bus drivers for Hamilton County, has offered to pay for the funerals of the children killed in Monday's crash.

Channel 3 has learned the bus driver was not supposed to be driving where the crash happened in the first place.

There were no bus stops along the 300 block of Talley Road. Hamilton County School officials confirm it was not a part of the driver's scheduled route.

The NTSB is looking into whether or not driver Johnthony Walker's second job packing boxes at Amazon might have caused fatigue leading up to the crash.

"I was shocked," said Walker's co-worker at Amazon, Breonna Ross. "I don't think this was an act of him doing this on purpose. I think this was just a horrific accident and a mistake."

On Wednesday, NTSB Chairman Christopher Hart said the route Walker was taking that day was wrong.

"Talley Road was not on the designated route for that school bus," Hart said. "That's one of the things we are exploring is, a) Has he done it before, and b) If so, why?"

The route for Bus #366 travels west of Talley Road, according to Hamilton County Schools' Transportation Supervisor, Ben Coulter.

"His route would put him on Talley Rd. for a short distance before turning on a side street," Coulter said. "The section of Talley that the accident occurred on, he should not have had to go on for scheduled stops."

The NTSB said Durham School Services is cooperating fully with the investigation.