It was a ‘Battle of the Badges" Wednesday morning, two Chattanooga departments competed to see which group could donate the most blood.

It's one way first responders can give back in response to the Woodmore bus crash.

"I know it angered me some because these are innocent people and they are just starting out in life and to have it and so quickly it's not even fair,” explained officer Steven Johnston.

Officer Johnston rushed to the Woodmore bus Monday when he heard kids were hurt. 

"At that point I realized I need to be there, a lot of people need to be there, so I turned around turn on my light and sirens on, and got there as safely and quickly as I could," Johnston said.

Now, he's responding to another call. The Chattanooga Police and Fire Department are competing in a first responder blood drive.

"Police save lives and property and so does the fire department and it's a friendly competition we're competitive all the time, we think we always win but the bottom line is we help people," Chattanooga Fire Chief Chris Adams said.

Chief Adams says it can take 540 people donating blood to help just one trauma patient. 

"We see a lot of horrific scenes and that makes is highly aware of the blood need,” Chief Adams said.

While blood banks can always purchase blood from other parts of the country, it costs much less to use local donors, it also gives people a way to help.

“Not only doctors save lives, not only firefighters and police. every citizen in this city can save a life if they just come out and donate blood today,” Chief Adams said.