One of life's greatest pleasures as a kid was sitting on the floor after Thanksgiving dinner and marking all of the things I wanted using the sales circulars that filled up the Thanksgiving edition of the local newspaper.

Sadly, I don't subscribe to the newspaper now which means those circulars aren't scattered on the floor for my own children's enjoyment.

You don't have to miss out on those Black Friday sales circulars today if you have a Black Friday app loaded on your phone. There are many to choose from for both iPhones and Android devices. Lots to choose from. Dozens that are pretty good.

Shopular is arguably the best of the bunch.

This app gathers every Black Friday ad from just about all of the major retailers. It's organized neatly so you can favorite stores from Academy Sports to Walmart. Favorite them and when you open the app those ads will appear at the top. Just like with the paper ads you can flip from page to page and if you see something you like (want) you can save the page to find quickly the next time you open the app.

You can share your favorite pages over a text message from right inside the app. 

If a store offers a coupon you'll see it with an icon on the ad, you can click on the coupon and scan it at the register like you would a paper coupon.

Shopular is also offering a free $10 bonus to shoppers who download the app and register.

Give the app access to your location and notifications and when you're inside a store you'll receive notifications through messages of any big bargain savings. Millions of shoppers are using the app and it is common on busy shopping days to see tips and specials that are discovered by others using the app.

Shopular updates the coupon codes and other special flyers and ads daily. Shopular has been around a few years and is one of a few that consistently gets great reviews and ratings from people who matter the most: other shoppers. You'll find it now in Apple's App Store and the Google Play Store.

Other Black Friday apps to check out:
TGIBF (Thank Goodness it's Black Friday). This app has been around for quite a few years as well.
Slick Deals Shopping circulars and special deals in stores and online.
RetailMeNot offers coupons and special offers in addition to the shopping ads.