A fire destroyed a Murray County family's business in 2013 and exactly three years later, tragedy struck again. On Wednesday, Keener's Body Shop in Chatsworth caught fire, the exact date the first fire struck in 2013. Firefighters ruled the first fire as an accident, but said they are still investigating the cause of the second fire.

Michael Keener was on his way home from his mother's funeral when he got a call that his business was on fire. His first thought was about the fire at his body shop exactly three years ago.

It was an all too familiar sight for the Keener family. “I was headed down the yard and thinking it is a complete replay.” Their family owned business was destroyed.  Friends begin to remove scrap metal and rubble as the owner copes with his loss. “Black smoke in the sky just rolling. There is nothing there. It is all gone. When we got here all I could do was sit in the middle of the yard.”

Firefighters aren't sure what caused this fire, but they said it is not suspicious in nature. Keener said he can't believe this has happened to his family, again.  “Nobody was here, nothing was on. The fire marshal said the wiring was good, the fuse boxes looked good, but they said it started high.”

He can't put a price tag on what he's lost. But he said some things are irreplaceable. “A race car, three vehicles, every tool and everything I have to work with.”

In 2013 he didn't have insurance and had to rebuild from nothing. Now he finds himself in the same situation. “I thought if I was going to insure it, do it once everything was done. But I never made it to that point.”

It's a lesson he has learned the hard way. “The first day power comes on; the insurance is being added on.”

It's hard for Michael to see all his work go up in flames, but he said he plans to rebuild his business one more time. “I got to build something back because just like any other person I got to pay my bills. And I got to figure out some way to pay them.”

Michael Keener plans to have his new body shop open as soon as possible.

The family set up a GoFundMe page for donations.