(SwimSwam.com)- Trey Freeman of the Baylor School in Chattanooga, Tennessee, has broken the National Independent High School Record in the 200 short course meter freestyle.

Swimming at the team’s annual short course meters meet, he clocked in at 1:47.46, which is over two seconds faster than the existing 34-year old record of 1:49.79 set back in 1982. The old record belonged to Richard Saeger of Mercersburg Academy in Pennsylvania, who did his swim on March 2nd, 1982. Saeger would go on to swim at the 1984 Olympics where he was a part of the World Record setting American men’s 800 free relay.

Most high school competition is swum in short course yards, however the National Interscholastic Swim Coaches’ Association also recognizes records in short course meters. Swims must be done in high school competition, meaning any USA Swimming or FINA meets don’t count.

While not formally kept by NISCA, Freeman’s swim also technically breaks the overall National High School Record in the race. The record for public schools is 1:51.58, done by John Kennedy of St Joseph’s High School (Metuchen, NJ) in 1988.

Because Baylor’s 25 meter course is a ‘certified” NISCA pool, it won’t have to be specially measured for the record to be certified.

Baylor school swimmers are now holders of 5 National Independent High School Records: 4 in short course meters, and 1 in the more traditional short course yards.