The Bledsoe County High School Warrior Band of Blue is a guaranteed good time in the stands, and that's for a whole host of reasons. Not only do they play, they also sing and dance, and include an electric bass and guitar in their ensemble. They make good use of those unconventional instruments in their show this year called Wonderful, featuring the music of Stevie Wonder.

With pieces like "Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing," "Superstition," and "Higher Ground," I asked Director Frank Hudson if he had to sell the young students on these golden hits. "No," he exclaimed, "once they hear good music, they do very well!" Very well, indeed. The group of 26 players went to a competition at Karns High School and placed second in their classification.

Hudson has led the group for the last 17 years and said this group is awesome and has a lot of fun. He'll graduate 8 seniors after next semester, which puts the Warrior Band of Blue in good shape with a foundation for next year. Thanks to these students from Bledsoe County for being our Friday Night Football Band of the Week!