UPDATE: Firefighters say it's safe for residents on Arnat Drive and Bonnelia Circle on Mowbray Mountain to return home.

Hamilton County EMS spokeswoman Amy Maxwell says firefighters have been on the scene all day focusing on Arnat Drive and Bonnelia Circle.

No homes or buildings have been damaged.  

No injuries have been reported.

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PREVIOUS STORY: The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office spent Thursday morning knocking on doors, advising residents to leave the area. About 25 families are being asked to move out while firefighters move in to protect homes.

Firefighters remain stationed on Mowbray Mountain, keeping a close eye on area homes. The wildfire got too close for comfort overnight. Families are nervous, as the fire creeps closer and closer to their homes. “You wanna run, then you think no they will get it,” said neighbor Donna Lovelady.

The fire leaves a blanket of thick black smoke in the neighborhood making it difficult for residents to see and breathe. They're preparing to leave but fearful of what they'll find when they return. “I would like to leave the house and know it will be here when I come back,” said neighbor Donald Robertson.

The Tennessee Forestry Division advised the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office to begin evacuations.

Families living on Arnat Drive and Bonelia Circle are being asked to leave.“So we can account for every single person in the area, so we know everyone is safe and accounted for,” said Public Information Officer Amy Maxwell with Hamilton County Emergency Services.

They want people off the mountain, but the sheriff's office says first responders will remain on scene to protect the endangered homes. “The sheriff's office will remain on scene that will continue if anyone has to voluntarily be evacuated. we will put sheriff deputies out there to protect the area at all time.”

Aviation crews continue to dump water on the mountain to try to saturate the area. But curious onlookers are making it difficult for them to do their jobs. “They are trying as quickly as we can to get the fire under control but it doesn't help when we have people wanting to come observe the fire.”

It's firefighter's priority to protect the safety of residents and their property. So far they have protected dozens of structures from this fire. Residents are thankful for their countless hours of hard work. “Doing a good job a lot of it we don't understand but they know what they're doing. We got to keep our faith in them,” said Robertson.

 A shelter has been opened for the Arnat Drive and Bonelia Circle evacuees at Mowbray Presbyterian Church. 

PREVIOUS STORY: Residents on parts of Mowbray Mountain are being asked to evacuate as firefighters work to contain brush fires in the area.

The TN Forestry Division has advised Hamilton County Office of Emergency Management to evacuate residents who live on Arnat Drive and Bonelia Circle.

The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office will be going door to door to ask help evacuate residents temporarily.

Tri-State Mutual Aid fire crews are working to protect endangered homes in the area with continuous water supply using a tanker shuttle.

Officials say a shelter has opened for Arnat Drive and Bonelia Circle evacuees. It is located at: Mowbray Presbyterian Church, 2317 Mowbray Pike. 

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