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Anti-Trump voters worry about what's next

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On average, about three out of four voters in the Channel 3 viewing area chose Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton.

The closest vote was in Hamilton County where Trump won with 56% of the vote.

Channel 3 spoke with voters who felt defeated after the election.

Local supporters couldn't be more excited for change, but others are waiting to see whether Trump will deliver on his campaign promises.  

"Shocking and confused in terms of what this means going forward," Pablo Mazariegos of Chattanooga.

Pablo Mazariegos moved to the U.S. when he was 11 years old from Guatemala.

He said he has a work permit since he isn't a citizen. While he couldn't vote in this election, he's worried Trump will try to build the wall he talks about.  

"I know what it's like to fear for your safety, to fear what it's like to stay together as a family, to not feel like you have a home whether it's in your country or that it's here. It's just a lot of uncertainties," Mazariegos said.

Renda Washington is also uneasy about a Trump presidency.

"I think that his followers are going to be able to think that they can do and say anything to African Americans, Latinos, and Mexicans and get away with it," Renda Washington of Chattanooga said.

Trump mentioned in his acceptance speech he wanted to be a president for everyone. Some aren't buying it.

"He won the presidency and now miraculously overnight I'm supposed to accept that he's a changed man, this is a man child. This isn't even an adult," Chuck Hill of Chattanooga said.

Hill says he's terrified the supreme court's ruling on same-sex marriage would be overturned.

"It made me happy to know that my marriage, I had protection here in Tennessee now, but that's gone. It's not gone today, but it will go," Hill said.

Trump is urging the country to come together now that the election is over, which some voters are questioning.

"I think it could happen, but if he goes in with the same attitude he was campaigning, it won't happen," Washington said.

All 16 counties in the Channel 3 viewing area voted for Trump and 15 of those counties did so by more than 70%.

The most lopsided Trump margins came in Murray County with 83% and Dade County with 81%.

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