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Rural communities helped Trump secure the presidency

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Donald Trump received an outpouring of support from people living in small towns and rural communities, and it's what helped him seal the deal to become the next President of the United States.

In the quiet downtown of Dayton, a Trump sign sits in the front lawn of Keener Marketing. Inside, Margie Wertz owns and operates the business.

"I think he's much more geared toward helping the small businesses and he knows how important the business owners are," Wertz said.

Rural communities like Dayton gave Trump the support he needed to secure the presidency.

In Rhea County, 79% of voters chose Trump. Only 18% voted for Clinton.

Meigs County, Polk County, and Sequatchie County all posted similar numbers.

Wertz said, she's not surprised.

"They aren't looking for giveaways, they aren't looking for welfare, you know they're not trying to get a free ride," Wertz said, "Those are the people that are the grassroots of this country, and those are the people that really believe Trump can help us."

Owning and operating her own business gives Wertz another perspective, one that she said favors Trump even more.

"Obamacare is horrifying," she said.

And it distanced her vote further away from democrat Hillary Clinton because she wants to see Obamacare reformed.

"This year I got a notice that my health insurance is doubling in January. Doubling. It's just not working." Wertz said.

Wertz's opinions are shared by many, especially in Tennessee. And they hope Donald Trump is the right choice.

"I think we're going to see some amazing things happen," she said.

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