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Six reasons why your workout isn't working

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Millions of Americans hit the gym everyday struggling through those daily workouts, but they walk out without seeing any results.

Misty McInnis says, "Life happens and I just decided it was time to be healthier for them."

Misty says she was working out, trying to get back in shape to keep up with her two young children, but her workout wasn't working.

So, what's the problem?

Channel 3 caught up with Stephanie Segar, a Personal Trainer at the Hamilton YMCA, who explains the six biggest reasons your workout isn't working.

First, you aren't using the proper form.

Stephanie Segar says, "When you are using the proper form, you are going to feel the exercise the way it was intended. So if you're slouched forward, chest isn't back, shoulders lifted, you're not exhibiting good posture."

One study actually showed that good posture allows you to take in more oxygen, so your workout feels easier, even while you're burning more calories.

The second reason may be you aren't staying hydrated.

Stephanie Segar says, "I always recommend they drink water before exercising and always have it on hand."

And we've probably all seen those people distracted at the gym, either reading or talking on the phone while working out.

Stephanie Segar says, "I like to give clients the recommendations of interval training on cardio equipment, where they have a play list that appeals to them and each song they have is something different."

You shouldn't rely on those digital displays on the cardio machines too much.

Stephanie Segar says, "I think you need to know your body and learn what works best."

Not many of us look forward to going to the gym. If you don't enjoy it, you won't reap the benefits.

Stephanie Segar says, "The best thing to do is to have a buddy and personal trainer."

From inside to outside, Stephanie says it's important to change up your routine every few weeks and don't skip the weight training.

Stephanie Segar says, "I just encourage them that the more muscle they build the better they are going to feel, the easier their workouts will be."

Misty says by making a few changes, she has definitely seen a difference. So, don't be discouraged and make sure you give yourself at least 12 weeks to see real results.

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