"A vote for Trump is a vote for America"

"I voted for Donald Trump, and the reason I voted for him is because I want my country back," 

"Well if you give the man a shot, everything he's all about is for the betterment of this country. I don't see how anyone can vote any other way," 

Trump supporters in Chattanooga say they're hopeful the Republican candidate will become the next President of the United States. For many, it's an emotional decision as they case their vote.

"The most important thing this President can do is to obey the constitution of the United States of America, it was written to give us freedom, it was not...(gets emotional)...sorry..it was not written to tear it apart," said Lisa Baughn. 

And while Trump has received criticism for some of his comments toward women, Melissa Rachels says he still has her vote. I think every woman's offended but I don't think it's anywhere near what Bill did"

Many Americans say the most important thing they can do today --- is to get out and vote.