It's an exciting time at Silverdale Baptist Academy in Chattanooga. As the school continues to grow, so does the Fine Arts program. In that area of study is a young band populated with some hard-working students. Stephen Humphries is their director. He's in his third year leading a program that's three years old and what an opportunity. He and the now 27 students (up from 12 the first year) are building band culture at the school. They get to start from scratch to develop traditions, standards, and habits to be carried on into the future.

Humphries says it's awesome, amazing, and challenging at the same time! The group is lead by four high schoolers and includes students from the 6th through 12th grades.They are just playing home games, so far, but look forward to expansion that future years and more growth bring. If you'd like to help them along and get in on the ground floor of a promising up and coming band program, follow the school on Twitter @SilverdaleBA and find Stephen Humphries in the Fine Arts Department at Silverdale. But, first...enjoy their song from the stands, the Seahawks are our Friday Night Football Band of the Week!