UPDATE: The ongoing drought has now dipped into the Dunlap community's water supply, forcing mandatory water restrictions.

These restrictions take effect Monday morning and will last until further notice. It affects 2,765 customers who use city water.

"We don't want you watering your lawn, filling your swimming pools up, or washing your car," said Dunlap Mayor Dwain Land.

Residents will soon receive a notice in the mail that details the new mandatory water restrictions.

"We're trying to be proactive," Land said.

The city's water supply from the Sequatchie river is running low. State and local officials decided the best plan of action is to build an emergency levee. Construction on the project begins next week.

"It is a concern with water running low, but I know (water restrictions is) what they have to do," said Dunlap resident Michaele Hales.

The drought has also taken its toll on Sequatchie County High School's football field. Under the water restrictions, the school is limited to watering the field just three times per week.  

"It's obviously getting to a critical stage," said Superintendent Pete Swafford.

"We're trying to do our part and not waste water, but at the same time, we have to balance that out with the cost of the turf that's down there," he said. "We're going to try to comply the best we can."

Officials said it's imperative that residents follow the restrictions -- until mother nature decides to cooperate with rain.

"Go ahead and take your showers, your baths, and drink all the water you can," said Land. "Hopefully, we'll get through this soon."

Residents who do not follow the restrictions will receive a warning. Those who still fail to comply will have their water turned off with a re-connection fee.

Here is the letter sent by the City to residents:

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PREVIOUS STORY: The city of Dunlap has issued water restrictions starting Monday due to the ongoing drought in the Tennessee Valley area.

According to Dunlap Police Department's Facebook page, the water restrictions include No non-commercial washing of vehicles, boats, trailers, etc. (Commercial car washes can still be used as of this time). No residential watering of lawns, trees, shrubs or flowering gardens. No washing of sidewalks, drive ways, patios, etc. No filling or refilling of swimming pools.

Police say there are additional restrictions 

but these listed are the most commonly used by private citizens. A complete listing of practices that are both allowed and not allowed will be mailed out to all Dunlap Water System Customers.

Please contact Dunlap City Hall at 423-949-2115 for any questions of additional details.