TNReady testing results are here and the state's Education Commissioner Candice McQueen says that while students are learning and growing, they still have a long way to go. 

Students were tested on three subjects: English, Math, and Social Studies. 

The Department of Education says 3% of students across the state mastered the math portion, 17% are on track, 26% are approaching and 53% are below expectations.

For English, 8.3% mastered the English portion of the test, 22% are on track, 42.4% are approaching, and 27.3% are below course expectations. 

On the U.S. history end of the course test, 9.5% of students were considered mastered, 20.4% are on track, 34.6% are approaching, and 35.5% are below expectations.

Grades 3 through 8 will only receive raw scores, since not all schools completed Parts I and II during problems with initial testing.

High school students completed both parts of the testing.