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Parent concerned about Cleveland Middle School's bathroom policy

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One parent is speaking up about Cleveland Middle School's bathroom policy after her daughter was told no, when she asked to use the restroom. 

The school only allows students to go to the restroom before and after classes, totaling nine bathroom breaks throughout the day. 

Catherine Sandres said she was concerned and upset when her 12-year-old daughter came home from school in tears last month. She said when her daughter asked her teacher to go to the restroom, she was told to wait 40 minutes until class ended. 

But after a while, she said her daughter could no longer hold it. 

"You know she's a female and she needed to go to the bathroom to take care of her monthly [cycle] and she wasn't allowed to that. She told me that she was just shaking her leg, and shaking her leg, and she tried her best to hold it but she just couldn't hold it anymore, said Sandres." "I just think that's embarrassing for her to have to go through that for her to walk through school let it air dry you know until she finished up with her last class."

Cleveland school administrators said the policy is in place, because of safety reasons. Supervisor of Secondary Education (9-12) & District Services, Doug Moore, explained during lessons there is no one to monitor all of the school hallways. A statement from Moore reads in part: 

If students have an emergency during class time, they are to alert the teacher to the emergency and get permission to go the rest room.  If a student has a health care plan or physician’s note indicating that the student should be allowed more frequent use of the rest room, that directive will be followed.

Sandres says her daughter didn't feel comfortable speaking up about her situation, which may have excused her from class. 

"My daughter didn't want to continuously ask the teacher or get in trouble. She just followed the rules, and unfortunately she had an accident," Sandres said.

In addition, Sandres said after the bathroom incident her daughter's classroom experience has not been the same. 

"The teacher has been making inappropriate comments to my daughter in front of the whole classroom, and putting my daughter in a very embarrassing situation," Sandres said. "Everything has changed significantly to the point where my daughter is just really scared whenever she's in that classroom." 

Channel 3 reached out to the school's principal in regards to the teacher's behavior and have not heard back. 

Sandres said she met with several school officials including the teacher, and feels nothing has been resolved. She said she just wants her daughter to feel safe and cared for at school. 

"I wanna be able to trust and know that my children are in good hands. When they leave me and they come to school the teachers are like secondary parents to children because they spend a lot of time with my children." 

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