Neighbors made a disturbing discovery in one McMinn County neighborhood. They found a dog, left on the side of the road, to die. They found it Sunday night. Now a reward has been offered to catch whoever may be responsible. Neighbors found the dog thrown in a ditch near an empty bag of dog food.

Folks are disgusted with what they keeping finding on a quiet back road in McMinn County, they said people are abandoning dogs, and leaving them to die. “It looked like she was thrown out, I don't know if she was pushed out, laid out, or what but her back was broken,” said the neighbor who found the dog.

A man was driving when he first noticed the dog and called for help. The sight shook him to the core.

“A lot of pain, her back was twisted up. It looked like in a couple of places, she couldn't get up, she was whining and crying.”

He tried to get help, but the dog was in too much pain. And unfortunately, had to be euthanized because of its injuries.

“The best thing was to put her down at the time. No vets were open; the Humane Society was closed. Sunday afternoon is hard to get a hold of anybody. We didn't want her to suffer anymore.”

The sheriff's department said they have to prove the dog was thrown from the car to charge anyone with a felony. If they can't prove the dog was thrown, the person would be charged with a misdemeanor for abandoning it. Either way, neighbors said there were better options.

“Heartbreaking. If you don't want the animal, take it to the Humane Society, take it to the vet, take it to somebody. Me. I'll take it.”

They buried the dog in their backyard, and now all their efforts are focused on finding those responsible. “I hope they are prosecuted to the fullest extent. We put a cash reward out, put it all over Facebook trying to find who the owner was.”

If you have any information about the person responsible, contact the sheriff's department at (423) 745-5622.