Thursday is the last day to vote early in Tennessee, and the numbers are already on track to break records.

Voters are trying to avoid the rush at the polls on Election Night, but many have stood in long lines anyway with such a high turnout.

More than 60,000 people have voted early in Hamilton County. That number is almost 10% higher than the last two presidential elections.

With two days until early voting ends, the line of people waiting to cast their ballots was out the door Wednesday at the Hamilton County Election Commission.

Voters like Daniel Huggins were hoping to avoid the "real rush" on November 8th.

"Mainly just not wanting to hit the long lines," he said. "I think we waited maybe 15 minutes at most."

Several voting security measures are in place at the polls. In Hamilton County, 900 poll workers are trained in election law, procedures, and equipment to make sure the process runs smoothly.

"I felt secure in my vote, and I don't think anything went wrong," Huggins said.

"We are one of the only counties in the state that use an independent auditing firm to come in and audit our equipment prior to an election," said Kerry Steelman, Hamilton County Administrator of Elections.

Roughly 5,000 people have voted early each day. Steelman said those results are not known until polls close on Election Night.

"That is a question that is asked frequently. Do you know the results of early voting? There is no way we can know the results of early voting," he said.

The Election Commission takes steps to keep early votes secured.

"That data is loaded from memory cards into our server, which is never connected to any network," said Steelman.

The deadline for early voting is Thursday in Tennessee and Friday in Georgia.