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Crime Stoppers: Armed man robs store and snatches purse from 89-year old

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Jack Brooks has run Jack's Bait & Tackle shop for the last 50 years. And for those who aim to run their own business, he has a bit of advice. "Well, you know, if somebody comes in and holds them up," he said, "don't try to be a cowboy. Let em go."

Sadly, he has been through it before. Hopefully, Crime Stoppers can get him some justice for what happened, last week. It was late afternoon on Thursday at his shop along a busy Bonnie Oaks Drive. Chattanooga Police Officer Victor Miller explains what happened. "You will see in the video as the suspect enters," he said, "he has a gun in his hand. He's pointing it all three of the people inside the business, so all of their lives are at risk."

Brooks says he didn't recognize the bad guy. "I wasn't looking at him, but I recognized that gun," he joked. "It was fast. He walked up to the door, held the door open, stuck that 30 round clip on the bottom of that gun, dropped the slide on it, says 'this is a hold up, give me all your money.'"

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The crook wasn't content with the contents of the cash drawer. "He told us all to go in the back. The gentleman over there went first. She got up to go," he said, pointing toward an older woman sitting in the corner, "and when she got up, he snatched her purse."

"There was an 89-year-old female that could've been anybody's grandmother," Off. Miller said. "Could've been your grandmother, mine, so it's very important for us to get this case solved."

We are looking for a black male, around 5'8" and 140 pounds. He wore a blue jacket with white stripes on the arms and came and went in a dark colored sedan.

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You don't have to know him. Maybe you have just seen him around. Any tip helps us and could help him in the long run. "He's libel to go into a place where somebody is armed and, you know, they are liable to shoot him," said Brooks. "Or he's libel to shoot them and, you know, somebody else get hurt in the process."

With up to $1,000 reward on the table, that tip could help you, too. Call Crime Stoppers tonight: 698-3333 

If you get voice mail, leave a way for Officer Miller to get back with you. He may have questions, but he will never ask your name.

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