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Firefighters fight over 100 fires in Georgia, more popping up

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Wildfire closes portion of Chickamauga Battlefield. Wildfire closes portion of Chickamauga Battlefield.

Firefighters continue to work hundreds of brush and forest fires throughout the area. In Georgia alone, there are more than 125 fires burning. Crews are being called from all over the state to help tackle the fires and stop the spread, but resources are beginning to run low. Officials said when they think they have a fire under control, another one flares up.

The fire at the Chickamauga Battlefield is just one of the dozens of small fires popping up in the area. Luckily crews were able to control it right away, with no major damage.

Yellow caution tape blocks a trail at the Chickamauga Battlefield. Hikers weren't able to access the path, as firefighters worked to control a small brush fire. It was a challenge at the national park, with lots of historic markers. “We don't put the heavy equipment on the ground so we don't disturb the ground, so we don't disturb the artifacts in the area,” said Georgia Forestry Commission Information Officer Pat Stockett.

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It is one of the hundreds of fires in the area. Crews with the Georgia Forestry Commission are battling more than 125 fires burning throughout the state. “Things that wouldn't normally burn are burning, burning quickly and intensely.”

It is a battle they can't fight alone. Surrounding states pitch in to help when resources are running low. “When the fires break out it may start in Georgia but we know it is going to go to Tennessee, and if it hits the ridge we know its Alabama.”

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State agencies in the Tennessee Valley share man power, materials, and machinery. “If we have a piece of equipment go down we can talk and ask to send an engine, send us a hand crew when resources are getting thin.”

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It’s been a long month for responders. They're exhausted and ready for relief. They said each day a new fire pops up and the machinery is beginning to ware down. “We break hoses, fittings break, we will have electrical problems, and sensors go out. We've been running hard and fast for a few weeks.”

With no significant rain in sight, firefighters know they still have a long battle to fight. “We have been running this for months now. Everybody is getting tired; we got blisters from walking and hiking. But spirits are good, morale is good.”

Officials with the Georgia Forestry Commission ask homeowners to remove leaves, cut your grass short, and avoid grilling. If you have to burn, call your local fire department.

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