The Cleveland City Schools’ 2015-2016 graduation rates topped 90%, up 4% from the previous school term.

Tennessee’s average graduation rate is at 88.5%, up 1% and nationally is 83.2% (up 0.95) according to a news release.

The system’s rise this year was four times the state and national growth rates, placing the system at the long-held 90% threshold the state and nation use as an indicator of success when it comes to graduating students.

In the inaugural year of the system’s hybrid alternative school, the F.I. Denning Center of Technology & Careers, the results of more targeted and specific interventions appear to be paying off.  

“Our partnership with Lee University to secure tutors and the addition of a Career & Technical Education teacher have had a real impact in motivating students to work toward a diploma while at the same time looking to post-secondary opportunities,” said Barbara Ector, Principal of the Denning Center.  

The Denning Center’s graduation rate was combined with Cleveland High School to calculate the district’s 90% average.