UPDATE: The family of a man who Cleveland police say was shot and killed by his wife last Halloween are speaking publicly for the first time.

This follows the arrest of Miranda Cheatham from Friday who now faces second-degree murder charges. Family members of James Cheatham said they hope justice is served.

Questions still linger about what led to a deadly domestic-related shooting at a Cleveland home eight months ago.

Police believe Miranda Cheatham shot and killed her husband, James. His relatives are struggling to make sense of it all.

"We just don't understand why and we still don't understand why," Larry Cheatham, the victim's father said.

James Cheatham's father and sister do not want him to be forgotten.

That's why they have stickers that read "Justice for Tooter" on the back of their truck.

"He was a funny guy. He was a good guy. He liked to joke, cut up with people," Cheatham said.

Earlier this week, a Bradley County Grand Jury indicted Cheatham's wife for second-degree murder.

This is after police collected several pieces of evidence and sent them off to the TBI. Investigators said the results pointed to Miranda as the one responsible. 

His unexpected death has taken on a toll on the family.

"It's going to be an emotional roller coaster for everybody," Dana Cheatham-Hicks, the victim's sister said.

They said Miranda and James had a good relationship, which is why this is tough for them to understand. The couple was married for twenty years and had children together.

As the investigation continues and court hearings begin, they hope to learn more about the circumstances behind the deadly shooting.

Cheatham's bond was set at $150,000. Family members said she bonded out of jail.

PREVIOUS STORY: A deadly 2016 domestic shooting has resulted in a Bradley County Grand Jury indicting the victim's wife for second-degree murder.

Months of forensic testing by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation lab produced results that were returned to the Cleveland Police Department. 

The case was presented to the Bradley County Grand Jury Wednesday. 

Miranda Cheatham, the wife of victim James Cheatham, was indicted for second-degree murder.

Cheatham is currently in custody at the Bradley County Justice Center. Her bond has been set at $150,000. 

PREVIOUS STORY: Police believe a Cleveland man's wife shot and killed him on Monday. Right now, officers are treating it as a domestic-related shooting.

It happened around 6:15 a.m. at a home on Sunset Avenue.

"I'm shocked. Definitely shocked," Nabin Shrestha, a neighbor said.

People in the Cleveland neighborhood woke up to the sounds of police cruisers.

"We saw police coming in, sirens, and then we got up and saw something happening," Shrestha said.

Officers arrived at the home to find 45-year-old James Michael Cheatham shot to death.

Police said Cheatham's wife and their teenaged son were inside the home at the time of the shooting. She called 9-1-1.

Police believe she is the one responsible.

"Kind of scary living this close. I knew something was wrong," Nancy White, another neighbor said.

Investigators are going through the home and collecting evidence.

They are also reviewing a security camera at the home. 

Charges filed against Mrs. Cheatham will depend on what she says to police and if it matches up with what they uncover.

This type of case brings some challenges with it.

"When you have two people like this, in a situation where one is deceased, you only get one side of the story," Sgt. Evie West with the Cleveland Police Department said.

For now, it's unclear what led to the shooting.

As investigators comb through all of the evidence, they hope to find answers.

Neighbors hope for answers too as the news sinks in one of their neighbors is dead.

"It's sad too. I mean I have two kids and we want security. Definitely it's bad for us," Shrestha said.

Police said they've answered calls at the home for suspicious people walking around in the past, but not for anything domestic related.

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