The Pride of the Valley from Marion County High School had a great season of marching and playing and their football team is headed to into the playoffs.  

Director Steve Burdick says they had a hot but very productive band camp, way back in the summer, and credits his students for being hard workers. The show, which they performed at home, at all of the away games, and took to competition at Harriman, is a Beatles themed medley. Burdick says he had no problem getting his band to come along because they all love great music.

The group had a few down years, but is growing again. This year, they have eclipsed 40 in number and more growth is ahead. If you would like to be a part of the good things to come, they are in the middle of a fruit sale right now. Call the band room for details: 423-942-5120

From the stands, enjoy the Marion County High School Pride of the Valley, out Friday Night Football Band of the Week!