A strange encounter has spooked some living along Gann Road in Soddy Daisy after a woman reported a man on her porch, jiggling her door knob around midnight. 

When she asked through the door what he wanted, he said he was there to get a cell phone. 

"The complainant then replied back to him saying your phone is not in here," Soddy Daisy Police Officer Jerry Workman said. 

The woman called police while her son stood by with a gun. 

The man then walked away. 

Workman said the woman and her son did the right thing but to just start shooting would not have been legal.

"When someone is breaking into your house kicking in the door and that you are in fear for your safety, in fear for your family's safety, then there is some fine lines there where force can be used," he added. 

Workman said jiggling a doorknob does not fit that definition. 

Police are still looking for that man, described as a black male, 5 feet, 7 inches tall, slender build with a high top afro. 

If you witness any suspicious activity or anyone fitting this description, call Soddy Daisy Police at 423-332-3577.