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Clinical study of migraine drug could bring relief

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Kelsey Fowler is among the 33 million Americans who suffer from debilitating migraines.

Kelsey Fowler says, "Any kind of light, any kind of sound affects me and makes it worse, so no matter what I have to do I have to go home."

Kelsey, who is now 18, says she's suffered from migraines for almost eight years. Her migraines got so bad, that during her senior year of high school, she had to finish online because she was missing so many days.

After years of being on pain pills and over-the-counter medications, nothing seemed to work. That's why Kelsey decided to take part in a clinical study known as Promise 1 being launched by Dr. Richard Krause of ClinSearch.

Dr. Richard Krause says, "This is the first time a drug that will prevent the blood vessels from getting engorged with blood, that's what gives you the pounding headaches."

ALD403 is an antibody. Patients receive a single intravenous dose. Researchers hope to see a 75% reduction in migraines at the end of 12 weeks.

Dr. Richard Krause says, "We think that at least for three months you will get relief of your migraines."

Kelsey Fowler says, "If I can sleep, I lay there for longer than an hour. I have to go to the E-R."

Kelsey says she wants people to realize a migraine is much more than just a headache. She's hopeful this study may bring her some much needed relief.

Kelsey Fowler says, "I'm not in college right now, I can't work right now and I do have them everyday and I hope this is something that can give me some relief."

More patients are still needed for the study. For more information call ClinSearch at (423) 698-4584. 

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