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Chattooga Co. educators helping students cope with loss of classmates in deadly fire

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Channel 3 is learning new details about a mobile home fire that killed six people on Sunday in Chattooga County. Two of the four children who died were enrolled in school. 

Five-year-old Jada Kendrick was a kindergartner and a cousin who was staying the night. Five-year-old Claire Jones was in Pre-K.

Pictures of rainbows and hearts are how Jada's kindergarten class are coping with her loss. 

The 5-year-old was one of four children who died in the mobile home fire. She was a kindergartner at Leroy Massey Elementary.

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"So many of our teachers have built relationships with these kids and it's like their own children. She was upset," Principal Brian Beasley, Leroy Massey Elementary School said.

Principal Brian Beasley said Jada's teacher was devastated when she learned the little girl would not be returning to her classroom.

Parents were notified so they could talk with their kids about this sensitive subject. To help teachers and kids grieve, counselors from around the county were on hand.

"They're having a hard time processing probably too because they're so young at Pre-K and kindergarten at four and five years of age, but not that they don't understand. They're well aware something is going on, but it's a delicate conversation," Beasley said.

A conversation that has extended to the county's Pre-K program. That's where Jada's cousin, Claire Jones, went to school.

The fire also claimed her life along with that of her two sisters.

"It has been tough and will continue to be tough. It's not something that we'll get over today. It'll take some time," Asst. Superintendent Jared Hosmer of Chattooga County Schools said.

Hosmer said teachers and administrators are supporting each other and staying strong so they can begin the healing process.

"It takes everybody to get through something like this," Hosmer said.

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The idea is to put together a booklet for Jada's family with the pictures and messages from her classmates.

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