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What The Tech? Facebook hoax

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“Come on people!”

They’re my friends, they’re your friends too. We love them right, but sometimes don’t you want to just get in their face and scream “Come on people!”

Every few months the same old tired hoax shows up on my timeline. A friend shares it and asks his or her friends to share it too and before long it seems every friend you have is asking you to copy and paste a paragraph that will prevent Facebook from making all of your pictures, posts and thoughts public.

You’ve seen it right?

The post starts with “Facebook is going to start charging users to keep their information private” and refers to seeing it on a television news report. As creepy as it sounds, the post is totally false.

First of all, Facebook is not going to start charging it’s gazillion users a fee. Many people say they’d leave and never sign in on the social network again, which is probably an empty threat.

Secondly, you have already given Facebook permission to do whatever it wants with your information, photos, posts, likes etc. You did that when you first signed up for a Facebook account. You can’t copy and paste anything to stop that. The only way of course, would be to close and delete your account.

There isn’t anything dangerous about the post. It doesn’t ask you to click on anything or visit a website, it is simply a hoax.

If you do want to keep some things you post privately, you can do that to some degree by changing your privacy settings. As it stands now, unless you’ve changed it, most everything you’ve put up on Facebook is public, meaning anyone, even people who aren’t on Facebook can see it.

You can make the change by clicking on the down arrow next to the lock icon in the upper right hand corner of your Facebook homepage, then by clicking on Privacy.

That is not a hoax and if you’re concerned about what people can see, you should roam around the privacy settings and make changes.

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