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11-year-old hit by car while walking to school bus stop

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Georgia State Patrol officers say a child was hit by a car while walking to the school bus stop in Ringgold, Monday.  

The boy is okay but local law enforce is using this moment to warn all drivers

11-year-old, Anthony Nation says he was walking up Sherwood Forest Lane to catch the school bus, when a neighbor pulled out of his driveway and struck him. Nation was knocked to the ground and knocked unconscious. 

"I remember going under and then blacking out," said Anthony Nation. 

Anthony has some pretty bad cuts and bruises, but he's lucky to be alive.

"I was walking to the bus stop and this truck hit me," said Nation. 

The truck ran over his right thigh, dragging his face across the pavement. Had the impact been any harder, family members say he would have lost his ear. Anthony now has stitches behind his ear, on his chin and cheek. 

"We definitely need drivers to pay a little bit more attention right now while it's staying darker in the mornings," said Sheriff Gary Sisk, Catoosa County Sheriff's Dept. "Between 7 o'clock and 8 o'clock, we're talking about 60 minutes." 

The accident happened in the dark just before 7 a.m. Anthony was wearing all black, but says he was being careful, he didn't see the truck. He remembers waking up on the ground blurry eyed and running home. The driver followed him to make sure he was okay. Family members say they would like to see more lights installed for the safety of other children in the neighborhood. 

"Life is too precious, slow down take a moment and get to where you're going safely but look for everything that could be in your way," said Sheriff Sisk. " It just takes a matter of seconds." 

Sheriff Sisk encourages all parents to take precautions with reflective gear and flashlights. 

Now at home recovering, Anthony has a message for anyone who will listen. 

"To be careful and make drivers slow down," said Nation. "Please be careful." 

Anthony is expected to be okay, the driver in this case has not been charged. Family members say he is cooperating with the investigation. 

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