For this edition of "3 in your Town", we decided to recruit a couple of Channel 3 coworkers. Taneisha Cordell and Tim Pham were gracious enough to travel to Polk County with me, to discover The River Maze at Birchland Ocoee Farms.

The farm is currently an operating farm with soybeans, corn and wheat being raised to sell for grain. Some straw and hay are produced and sold as well. Market crops such as sweet corn, pumpkins and watermelons are also grown.  

The farm has been in the Fetzer family for many years. Joe Fetzer enjoys teaching people from all walks of life about agriculture and farming.

Tim and Taneisha spent a few hours leaning how to milk cows, checking out the farm animals and playing in the corn barrels before taking on the corn maze. This year, The River Maze's theme is "Growin' on the River".

How did our City Slickers do? Check out the video!

For more information about how you can enjoy fun on the farm, click here.

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