This week, we are more than happy to catch up with the Central Sound of Chattanooga. Director Josh Bloodworth is in his fourth year and has his group growing and sounding great! They number 75 in their concert program, 50 in the marching band, and a big jazz band seating 35 players. 

At halftime this year, they have been playing the music of Elton John. Bloodworth says you may be surprised how much of his music the group was not familiar with. But, he said, that is one of the joys of what he gets to do. Whether classical or popular music, he gets to introduce new generations to timeless music.

After record heat at band camp down at Rome, Georgia's Berry College, they have had nearly a full season of growing and learning. Bloodworth says he has a really fine group of students, a family, in fact. They patrol themselves well at home and on the road. And they make it easy for him to teach music and for them all to have fun.

Enjoy the Central Sound of Chattanooga from Chattanooga Central High School, this week's Friday Night Football Band of the Week!