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Chattanooga Firefighters surprise boy for 9th birthday

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Jaiden and his supporters pose for a photo. Jaiden and his supporters pose for a photo.

A young boy battling cancer had a birthday he will never forget. Jaiden Patten celebrated his birthday with some very special guests. Chattanooga Firefighters surprised the nine year old and his friends at Children's Hospital.

Jaiden has been at Children's Hospital for over a week receiving chemo for his cancer. When he was told he had to spend his 9th birthday at the hospital, his friends and family organized a special party.

A hospital bed wasn't where Jaiden wanted to celebrate his birthday. Like other nine year olds, he had something else in mind. “Playing video games and eating pizza and stuff,” said the nine year old. But thanks to some surprise guests, Jaiden’s party is one he will always remember. “I got in the firetruck and sat in it for a little bit.”

Friends and family members told Chattanooga Firefighters that Jaiden would be spending his birthday in the hospital, so they organized a birthday surprise designed to put a smile on Jaiden’s face. “Anybody going through anything like that is extremely strong and they have to be to go through this. He is a special person go through that,” said Captain David Thompson.

For a few hours, Jaiden was able to forget about the doctors, the medicine, and treatments, and just focus on being a birthday boy. “They all came here and escorted us down for a big surprise for Jaiden. He loved it,” said Jaiden’s mom Raven.

Of course there was birthday cake, super-hero presents, and balloons. But the highlight for Jaiden and his friends was sitting in the fire trucks, switching on the lights and sirens. “Took turns getting in, explaining the different things inside the truck for them it was great,” said Jeremy Patten.

Jaiden is undergoing multiple chemo treatments. In fact, just before the party he wasn't feeling well. But after a visit from our own hometown heroes he was all smiles. “That was just a blast for him. He said it was the best party he ever had,” said his mom.

He still has a long fight ahead of him. But he has the support of many new friends. Who said this lifelong fan of superheroes, is quite a hero in his own right.  Their message to him is short and sweet. “Fight the fight. I know you're strong enough to get through it. I hope the very best,” said Captain Thompson.

Jaiden and the firefighters will be getting together again soon. He, his sister, and their neighbor Abbey have been invited to tour Fire Station Number 1 as soon as he feels up to it.

Jaiden will continue to get chemo treatments for the next 6 months. The family hopes he is able to return home within the next few days.

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