Up to $1,000 reward cash is an important enticement, but so is our promise of anonymity. We will never ask for your name. We just need the right tip to get this dangerous person in jail before he can cause more harm in our community. "They were very reckless when they did this," said Chattanooga Police Officer Victor Miller, describing the evil act of October 16th the kindest way he could. 

Close to midnight on that Sunday, a 17-year old known as Precious was walking along Kirkland Avenue. "She was passed by a vehicle that had multiple suspects inside," Off. Miller explained. "At least one of the suspects opened fire, shooting at the group she was walking with, and she was injured."

The bullet tore through both of her shoulders. Precious is in critical condition. As her family keeps vigil at the hospital, it is amazing that no one else was hurt. "The suspect opened fire into a crowd of people she was walking with," said Miller. "They did not know who all was in the group. There could've been other children or other young people that was in the group."

"As you can see, all the houses here are very close," Miller continued. "There's vehicles, there's traffic that's constantly through the area, so they could've struck anybody,"

"We don't think that she was specifically targeted, but maybe some of the people that were in her group that was walking with her could have been the targets," added Miller. "We don't think that she's involved in a gang we don't think that she is the target."

Investigators have few details, so any bit of information is important. A name would be outstanding, but so would the make or color of the car. There is no clue too small to get officers headed in the right direction.

Your good deed could be profitable. Up to $1,000 reward is available, no questions asked. No one, not your family or friends, not the bad guys, not even the police will know who you are because we will never ask your name. "It's very important with her being a juvenile and one of our community members, it's important for us to get this person for the behind bars," said Off. Miller.

Te entire community will be safer if you help get this reckless shooter off the streets. "They had a couple of incidents recently," Miller said, "so, this person being behind bars will make them feel better."

Helping in this case is as easy as making one phone call to: 698-3333 

If you get voice mail, leave a way for Officer Miller to get back to you. He may have a question or two, but he will never ask who you are.