The Special Olympics Bowling Tournament in Hixson, featured bowlers on age 16-21 and 22-29 Tuesday. 

139 athletes from 10 different counties participated in the event held at Holiday Bowl Spare Time and Entertainment. Win or loose, participants say it's about having fun with friends and family. 

"If I don't win that's okay like I'm still going to have fun with my friends and have a great time," said one bowler. 

Teams tell Channel 3, they've been training for weeks.
Reporter: "How many strikes do you plan on making today? Nicholas Scott: "Maybe a few."  

Nicolas Scott says he has been competing for 3 years. He and others are in it to win the big prize. 

"Mom I hope you're watching this because your daughter is making you very proud," said one bowler. 

Players say the competition was tough this year, allowing for some friendly competition. The game creates friendships and memories that last a lifetime.
"They have a lot of ability let me tell you and we have some great bowlers," said organizer Judy Rogers. 

Organizers say there is a ribbon for every one who tries. Brandon Wilson says he always tries to achieve his personal best. 
"I would say don't give up on your dreams you can do anything you set your mind to and just keep going forward and do what you can do best," said Wilson. 

Bowlers says it's not about being the best but trying your best and having fun.  

"Yes, I have done that, I have done that today," said Bowler William Toney.  

Organizers say Bradley Fox from Marion County High school took home the "High Male" trophy. "High Female" went to Gloria Holmes from North River Special Friends and Sierra Miller from Hixson High School won the "High Ramp" trophy. 

Officials say there will be another Special Olympics Tournament at the Holiday Bowl Spare Time and Entertainment next Wednesday. That tournament will feature kids 8-15 years old.  

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