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UPDATE: Good Samaritan saves Rhea County woman from being hit by train

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UPDATE: A local family is thankful for a woman who helped save their daughter from being hit by a train.

The train hit the young woman's car on Friday near Railroad Street and Iowa Avenue in Dayton.

"I heard a loud bang and I turned around and all I saw was her car flying through the air. The train had hit her car and I knew that it was her car. Just immediately I knew," Rebecca Meadows, Michelle's mother said.

The sound made Rebecca Meadows' heart sink. Her daughter, Michelle, was on her way to see her boyfriend and she was up the street at the grocery store.

"I saw her crossing the road and I ran to her and I just grabbed her and hugged her and just broke down. She was like 'mom, why are you so upset?' I was like 'you're not a parent yet, but when you are, you'll know, you'll know.' It's something you don't ever want to feel," Meadows said.

A kind-hearted stranger noticed the young woman was having trouble with her car.

"It got over one track, but the other tire wouldn't get over and it just got stuck and I just kept trying and some lady just came out and said 'hey, there's a train coming,'" Michelle Meadows said.

Meadows later learned Donna Alnutt was the one who helped.

"All I could think of was getting her off the tracks before a train came," Donna Alnutt, the Good Samaritan said.

Alnutt knew she didn't have much time. Minutes after getting Michelle out of the way, they both saw the crash.

"It was so crazy how fast it came from the time i got there to not seeing it and it just being there hitting her car," Alnutt said.

While the train totaled the 19 year old's car, her family is thankful she managed to get out of the way.

The Meadows family spoke with Alnutt that night, but they were too hysterical to give her a proper thank you. Social media helped connect them on Sunday.

As for Meadows, she's forever grateful.

"Thank you. A lot," Meadows said.

A spokeswoman with the railroad company, Norfolk Southern, said it can take trains up to a mile to stop.

If your car gets stuck on the tracks, officials say to get out of your car and away from the tracks. Then you' should call the number near the crossing signal or police. 

ORIGINAL STORY: A train crashed into car stuck on the railroad tracks tonight in Rhea County.

It happened around 7:00 p.m. at Railroad and Idaho Streets.

Officials say a woman's car got stuck on the tracks as she was driving across them.

She managed to make it out of the vehicle before an on-coming train crashed into it.

Officials say no injuries were reported.

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