The Catoosa County Sheriff's Office is asking for the public's help in identifying a man making verbal threats if residents do not sign a petition.

Residents say this man has been seen in multiple subdivisions within Catoosa County.

One man who lives off Highway 41 filed a report with police, and says he saw the man walking up his driveway around Tuesday around 7 p.m. He says the man rang the doorbell two times, but him and his wife didn't answer the door.

Immediately after, the man approached the neighbor's father as he pulled up to the home and asked him to sign a petition of some sort. When he declined, the neighbor says the man started yelling, and as his father pulled off the man threw a handful of rocks at his car. He also threatened to shoot at the home.

Around 9 p.m. that night, the man was spotted about three or four miles from the home at the Marathon gas station, also known as the Mega Star Food Mart on Highway 41.

Callie Sexton, a clerk at the store for two years now, says the man walked to the store, and stayed for almost two hours. She says she was not aware of the incident earlier that day, but the man was not aggressive with anyone at the store.

"I mean he seemed like a really nice guy. He was nice. He said he was trying to sell some things and we asked him what he was trying to sell and he said you don't want it, but he said he was in a drug rehab program," Sexton says.

She says the man asked to use a phone to call for his ride. When he did, another clerk offered her cell phone.

"He called about six people and had it on speaker...they were all like out of state, California and stuff like that.They came and picked him up in a van, a big van and they parked out there at the road," Sexton says. "When he called the guy, he did say this is no where near where we dropped you off at. Why are you there?"

Investigators are working to identify the man and determine his intent. When that happens officers tell Channel 3, it will be up to the victim to choose whether to press charges. Because the man made verbal threats, officers say he could face a zoning violation and be charged with making terrorist threats.

Aggressive pan handling is illegal. The sheriff's office says in Catoosa County an ordinance is needed through the zoning office to solicit goods.

Anyone with any information about the pictured individual is asked to contact Detective Alan Miles with the Catoosa County Sheriff’s Office at (706)935-2424.