Walker County Sheriff's deputies are investigating a shooting in Rossville Wednesday.

It happened shortly after 3:00 p.m. at a home on Summit Street, where the victim lives downstairs.

Sheriff Steve Wilson tells Channel 3, the victim, 37-year-old Christopher Moore, was shot two times while working under the hood of a car with what appears to be a "revolver handgun."

One bullet hit Moore in his back and the other one went through his arm and into his side.

The victim is a mechanic and told deputies the suspect is a former customer of his but could not remember the suspect's name.

Wilson said prior to the shooting, Moore worked on a car owned by the suspect's girlfriend. He believes the two were not satisfied with the work, which sparked an argument or disagreement between Moore and the suspect.

Duane Stamper who lives upstairs in the home shared with Moore, said he and his family missed the incident, while helping crews in Florida with the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.

"We were actually gonna leave a day before and something came up and we stayed one day later and had we not stayed for that extra day we would've been here absolutely with my two children when this thing happened at my house," Stamper said. "So, absolutely God's plan for us not to be here."

He said the shooting makes him nervous of what's to come.

"(I) didn't sleep well last night you know of course because my first concern was is this person coming back for revenge? I mean it was 3:00 in the afternoon and he came up here in broad daylight and shot someone," Stamper said.

Stamper said it is not uncommon for Moore's customers to visit the home, being that Moore worked in the backyard. The two did not share a close relationship, but Stamper said Moore is always nice and respectful to him and his family.

Despite the tragic incident, Stamper doesn't plan on leaving the home soon.

"We cant live life of fear thinking hey man this may happen like this all the time. So we're just gonna pray that everything gets handled correctly," Stamper said.

The suspect is described as a tall, slender black male, wearing a jacket with a head covering. The suspect also had long dreadlocks as described by the victim and two witnesses.

Sheriff Wilson says the suspect is driving a white Jeep Liberty.

As of now, Moore is in stable condition, and the Sheriff said he was alert while at the scene.

If you have any information about this case, please call the Walker County Sheriff's Department at 706-375-7810 or click here to submit an anonymous tip.

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